2013 year in review

So 2013 is about to end and I realized that I wrote a blog post about my goals from a year ago. They were pretty ambitious. Since I wrote a Goals for 2013 blog post, I thought I’d write a post reviewing what my goals were and how I did with them.

I’m just going to list the goal, for more information about that goal read my Goals for 2013 post.

1. Make Family A Higher Priority

I feel like I started out doing a terrible job with this goal. I felt like I was being extremely selfish and wasn’t doing a very good job of loving my wife. I was constantly finding reasons to be out of the house and also finding ways to not be helpful around the house. The few times I tried to romance her didn’t go very well. My motives weren’t the right motives and she knew that.

In the last three months, or so, I think I have started to improve as a husband and a father. I’m still pretty terrible at romancing my wife but I feel like I’ve started to improve in being helpful around the house. I spend a lot of time with Jaden when I’m home and I try to make myself available so my wife can go out and enjoy some time to herself or with her friends.

2. Get Healthy

Of the goals that I set for 2013, this is the one I’ve done the worst at. I don’t think I’ve gotten any heavier but I don’t think I’ve gotten any lighter either. TBH, I’m afraid to step onto the scale and find out what I actually weigh right now.

I definitely didn’t go running or complete the C25K program.

I lasted about 3 weeks on the no pop resolution before I finally gave in…

Meal plan definitely didn’t happen either…

So the get healthy goal definitely didn’t happen.

3. Become A Better Web Designer

While I didn’t get the portfolio built like I wanted to, I’ve got a few freelance website projects going right now that are helping me to become a better developer. I did more work through the PHP/MySQL book but I didn’t finish it.

What I did do this weekend that made me a better designer was become proficient in SASS. It’s a CSS Preprocessor language and I’ve been using it for quite a few months now. I really like it.

4. Become A Better Writer in General

This is another goal that I worked towards but not in the way I thought that I would. I’ve started a couple of short stories but I haven’t finished any of them (goal for 2014?). I also, did not do a very good job maintaining my blog writing schedule. I didn’t write a lot on my blog but I’d like to in 2014.

I think part of that will require a perspective shift that I’ll write about in another post.

In general, 2013 taught me what it means to be intentional and how much effort it takes to be intentional. I have spent this last year learning a lot about myself and who I am in God’s eyes. I started being intentional about the relationships around me, especially those with my wife and my son. I’ve also become more intentional about the relationships with my missional community family. They’ve really encouraged me to be the man that God is calling me to be and have helped to keep me accountable when I haven’t been that man.

Overall 2013 was a year of incredible growth for me, even though I didn’t accomplish any of my goals for 2013. I feel very accomplished and satisfied with my year.

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