30 day challenge – Day 1

So I saw this on Facebook and thought it was awesome. I am doing a 30 day challenge to myself more than anybody else. Each day I need to post a picture with a different theme. I’ll do that and then write a little bit about the theme and how the picture relates to the theme.

Day one is a get to know you post:
Post a picture of yourself with fifteen facts

That’s me at Clear Water Arts Camp (CWAC) this last summer. It’s the highlight of every summer for me. I love it. Anyways, on to 15 fun facts you may or may not know about me.

  1. I like to think of myself as a Jack of All Trades and a master of some. A small sampling of activities/jobs I’ve had in the past: Audition band, Audition large choir, a supporting role in the school musical, cashier, camp counselor, worship leader, Geek Squad agent… You get the idea. Like I said, my life is a bit ADD
  2. I’ve play guitar for several years but I’ve only ever completely written one song… and then I forgot it. HA!
  3. I’m extremely shy and insecure about performing MY art in general. I’ve never been that vulnerable in my life. Ever. And it’s really freaking scary.
  4. I play the Tuba. I have since High School. It’s one of the best instruments in the world.
  5. If I ever learned another instrument I’d wanna learn the Cello. That’s the 2nd best instrument in the world (only the Tuba is better).
  6. I have over 55 days of music on my computer (55k+ songs) but I haven’t even listened to a quarter of it (less than 500)
  7. I’ve watched A Walk to Remember several times and taken notes. That man is a genius!
  8. I love the show Glee. I now only recognize about half of the songs playing in malls and bars because of Glee. It’s kinda sad but it’s really expanded my musical knowledge
  9. I probly have more technology in our bedroom than was in the first rocket that went into outerspace [citation needed]
  10. I would like to have the courage to meet people where they’re at. I’m finding that strangers have some of the most fascinating stories in the world.
  11. I can’t wait until my wife and I can move out of my parents basement and begin living our lives again
  12. My favorite colors are white, blue, and green
  13. My favorite candy bar is Butterfinger
  14. My favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip
  15. I traveled to or through 20 of the 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Check back in tomorrow for day 2 of the 30 day challenge!

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