30 day challenge – Day 3

Today’s challenge isn’t quite as personal as the first two have been so far:
A picture of the cast from your favorite show

So… yea… I like Glee. I might call myself a Gleek (A big fan of the show Glee) on occasion… I know… I know… I’m kinda embarrassed to admit it but it’s true. I really like the show. I’m not entirely sure why that is though.

A lot of it has to do w/ the music I’m sure. A lot of it has to do w/ the idea of belonging. Sure they’re all a bunch of screw ups and on the bottom of the social totem pole but they’re apart of something that’s AWESOME. Not to mention I wish my choirs could learn songs and choreography in one week. :p

I think the thing that I really like about Glee is it deals w/ a lot of issues facing a lot of people in today’s world. Yea… people can say whatever, but think about it. The show hits on so many levels with so many issues. There’s stories about belonging, about being gay and coming out to your family, about teen sex and pregnancy, about social status in the school, about parents remarrying, about bullying; these are all things people of my generation and younger are being surrounded with. It’s extremely easy to relate to the show and identify yourself within the story.

Overall I think it’s one of the best and most universally accessible shows on tv right now. That’s all.

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