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On Thankfulness

Recently this quote popped-up in my Facebook feed:

First of all, for those of you doing “thankful” stuff each day in November. Why just November? Are you not full of gratitude in your life the rest of the year? For me, gratitude is a daily, if not continuous thing. I’m quite fond of “Thankful Thursday” — nice way to let the world (and remind YOU) all that you have been thankful for the week prior. Don’t wait until November — let your gratitude live always.

This was type up by a friend of mine who I greatly respect for many different reasons. His attitude on life is one of them. His post got me reflecting about all of the things I have to be grateful for. While I’m not going to list everything I could think of, I am going to take a moment to write out some of the most important things that I’m thankful for and why I’m thankful for them.

My Wife

Seriously. I couldn’t do anything I do on a normal day without my wife. She is the one who I can always turn to with whatever is on my mind. I can trust her completely. I know that she always has my back and always wants what’s best for me and for us.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in amazement at something my wife has done. She is constantly blowing me away with her generosity and desire to better the lives of those around her. She is compassionate, loving, and an all around wonderful blessing.

I am also thankful for the times of growth that we experience from time to time. It means that we’re learning and changing and growing. It’s an important thing in a relationship. I love that we’re growing because it means I get to learn how to love her in a whole new way.

My son

Parents are always supposed to be thankful for their kids but in this case, I’m not just saying that. My son really is a great blessing. He can always bring a smile to my face. His energy and joy for life is infectious. His desire to learn and understand the world is incredible to watch. He’s constantly asking about things and trying to understand what it is he’s seeing through his eyes.

I pray that he never loses that curiosity. I hope that he will apply that curiosity to his faith, and that he will come to discover, as I have, the riches of Christ and the joy of being his disciple.

My community

I am slowly learning the importance of a community. As an extroverted-introvert, it’s hard sometimes to be around people. I love it, but it takes energy from me more than it recharges me. But what I’ve learned in this past year of discovering community, is that community can be a catalyst for change. And I’m thankful for my community that’s helped me to grow in this past year.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and about my God that I thought I knew. My world is continually rocked by the amazing people I get to call my friends. Whether I’ve met you through church, or work, or theatre, or gaming, or whatever other method is out there, I do want to say thank you for being a part of my community. You’ve been a great blessing on my life and I am truly thankful for the marks that you leave on my life.

In a world that can seem very dreary and depressing, it’s nice to be reminded of just how truly blessed I am.