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On Procrastination

So… who’s writing a blog post instead of doing their homework? This guy! Why is it that I find it so difficult to do homework? Really it’s anything that requires consistency and discipline… I’m not certain what it is that causes me to avoid those things but I do. It can be very frustrating at times too.

This weekend I a somewhat large assignment due, my first paper. It’s required to be between six and eight pages long on the settings of Jonah. By settings I mean, the physical places, not the mood or plot point made by the particular place. It’s an interesting paper that’s requiring me to think outside of the box that I normally think of the bible it. It’s a great brain exercise. Unfortunately, it’s making my brain exercise too much. I’m having a tough time trying to get enough research done on other points in the bible that those settings show up at. It’s made for a long week. Now it’s Sunday evening and I haven’t even started writing my paper yet. Very very annoying.

As I said, it’s a great assignment and very challenging for me; I just hope I can get it finished before class tomorrow…

P.S. I found some pure cane sugar Dr. Pepper yesterday. That stuff is AMAZING!

Prayers in School

I am SO thankful that I go to a school that prays before each class period starts. It’s so cool to be able to start each class with God. It’s a very unique experience and different experience from public school. We just finished praying in my philosophy class. A class on Philosophy and we’re praying! It’s awesome!

I wonder if this was what classes were like during the 1950s? Were they excited to be able to talk to the Creator of the Universe? I know being able to do that in class is a great feeling.

I really think the best part is that I get to take a class where I get to learn about a particular topic and learn about it from a Christian perspective. In particular my philosophy class has been great. It’s nice to be able to see these different philosophical thoughts and see how they line up with my Christian world view.

Another class where this comes up a lot is psychology. The teacher, Dave Jungward (youngward), is great at explaining the original theories and then asking questions about how it did or didn’t line up with the world view of the students in the class. It’s awesome to be able to think and process through the thoughts and views of the different theories out there that aren’t necessarily “Christian.” It’s really helping me to start thinking for myself and draw my own conclusions.

I’m really glad to be in school here. It’s rough being away from my beautiful wife but I am glad that I get to be here learning about my awesome Creator while getting college credit. It’s awesome! For now I’m gonna head to bed. Be blessed!

Another day another class

I’m sitting in the lounge of the JCA waiting for my next class to start. It kinda throws my day off when I have a break between classes. I don’t know what to do with myself. Normally my classes start at 12:30 and end somewhere around 4 or 5. On Wednesdays though I start at 11:00 and my next class isn’t until 1:30. I have no clue what to do with myself during that time.

I usually buy lunch in the cafeteria (which I don’t have money for) and then I kinda just chill and relax. Like right now I’m sitting with my friends Krystofer and Mickey watching CNN. Got class in twenty minutes though so soon I’ll be busy until 5:00 tonight. Then it’ll be on to homework and cleaning!

On School

Today is the first “full” day of school for me. I’ve been in classes since Monday but they’ve all been “welcome to class” and “here’s what the syllabus looks like” or “here’s how to get an A.” But today, I’m taking classes I’ve already taken which means, actual learning today! I’m quite excited.

Today I’ve got a lecture on biblical study methods at 11:00, then I’ve got a break until 1:30, then it’ll be general psychology. Followed quickly by a bible study methods lab. I can tell right now that bible study methods is going to be one of my harder classes. I also have a feeling that Philosophy is going to be a harder but a very interesting class.

I am worried I’m not taking the right classes or taking enough classes. I’m going to try and meet with the registrar and make sure I’m on the right path and everything is good to go. I think I am on the right path, I just don’t know where I am on the path to graduating. I know I officially am a transfer student but I am not certain how many of my credits have transferred over, if any… Guess I’ll find out today.

I am enjoying the schedule I have right now though. My earliest class is at 11:00 AM on Wednesday. All of the rest of my classes don’t start until 12:30 on Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri. I’m usually done around 3:30 on most days as well. On Friday’s I only have two classes and I’ll be done at 2:30. Quite nice. Again, not certain if I’m “doing it right” or if I need to make things harder or not…