Character Profile

Random character sketch I was inspired to write late at night

A dark and grey morning greeted the man as he stepped past the threshold of his door. He had been hoping for something more promising on such an important day. “Oh well,” he shrugged to himself as he trudged into the cold, “Hope the rest of my day doesn’t end up like the weather.”

He was a tall man, 6’5″, with somewhat curly hair and glasses that looked like they belonged in the 1950’s. While his original hair color was a dark brown, it had grown more salt and pepper-like with the passing of time. He was at one point a very muscular man, some might have even called him linebacker worthy, but now he carried several years of married food around his mid-section and his love handles no longer surprised him whenever they greeted him in the mirror.

He enjoyed a simple and content life. One filled with problems, as everyone has, but nothing so drastic or devastating that he couldn’t handle. He had two great kids, one a Junior in High School and the other going on their third year in the navy. His wife was the love of his life and they routinely went on romantic getaways to remember just how in love they were.

A big part of the reason he was able to enjoy life as much as he was was because of a deep rooted belief in God. The hope and assurance he found in the Creator made life so much more bearable. While he was uncertain about where his kids were in their faith walks, he knew they all had chosen to follow God and have Jesus Christ be their Lord and Savior. What a blessing.

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