I Will Rise

As many people of this day and age, I have a twitter and I semi-regularly tweet on it. As you’ve noticed by my twitter updates on the right sidebar. One of the people on twitter that I follow is Aaron Shust. One of his updates caught my attention:

aaronshust: Tomlin’s “I Will Rise” was never a big deal to me,until singing it with him at Night of Joy. Powerful.

I decided to check out the song. It was AMAZING!!! So awesome. The bridge gets me every single time I hear it. It goes from Chris singing by himself to a huge chorus of people singing praises to God. It’s awesome.

It’s almost like my generations version of It Is Well. Talking about even though we’re in bad situations, God will still raise us up on eagle’s wings and shelter us from the storm. It’s really a blessing. I think I might use that as the special music for the next worship service I lead.

Here’s a video from youtube of the song with the lyrics. The video after that is Chris talking about how the song came about and what it means to him. Be blessed!

“I Will Rise” song including lyrics

Chris talks about writing “I Will Rise”

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