Does anyone use iTunes for music anymore?

I’ve found that I have less and less reason to open iTunes anymore. Since I first heard about them, I’ve started using cloud based music players when they were announced awhile ago. I started out using Amazon Cloud Player which was a great introduction to streaming cloud music. It was nice but the thing that made it difficult was that it had a size limit to how much space my music could take up. At the time I started using Cloud music players, I had almost 100GB of music.

Then along came Google Play Music. It was a cloud based music player tied directly to my Google account. If you’ve known me for very long you know that I will willingly bow to my Google Overlords when the time comes. The other big thing I like about Google Play Music is that it had a track limit and not a space limit. Google says that you can upload up to 20,000 songs onto their cloud player, regardless of size. Which is awesome! That nearly 100GB music collection came out to 18,000ish songs. It was great!

Then I realized how long it would take to upload 18k songs. Then I started realizing how much of the music I own I don’t actually listen to. So I started paring down my music collection. I have now about 8,800 tracks uploaded to Google Play Music and I couldn’t be happier. I can take my music with me anywhere (on my new phone) which is nice because not all of those tracks would fit on the phone. Anywhere I have 4G service or a wifi connection, I can listen to my music. It’s pretty awesome.

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