So Lent is upon us. The time where we abstain from something in order to draw ourselves closer to God. I have been told that you’re supposed to take the time that you would be doing that thing you’re abstaining from, and use it to pray and seek out God; to know Him more fully.

Knowing myself and my past experience with Lent, stopping doing something is easy (don’t drink pop for Lent for example) but replacing that item with prayer is very tough. I don’t know that I’ve ever successfully completed a Lent season of both denying myself and praying as a replacement for the thing I’ve been denying myself.

All that to say, this year I have decided to do things a little bit differently. Instead of taking something away and replacing it with prayer, I’m just simply adding prayer and bible reading time to my life.

Our church is currently going through a read the bible in a year plan. Thankfully it’s not the whole bible, just parts of the bible that highlight the redemptive story of God throughout history. I have wanted to participate in it for a long time but always found an excuse to not do it or I simply forgot, and forgot, and forgot. I kept forgetting until I didn’t think about it at all.

So my goal for Lent 2014 is to read the bible passages suggested in the reading plan, and then answer some of the questions that come with it. They will be a different blog post each day for each passage.

Hopefully I can keep up. I’ve never been very good and finishing challenges and it’d be really neat if this was one that I could complete. For a couple of different reasons:

1. I simply want to get to know God better.

I have done a horrible job of taking a hold of my faith and truly making it real in my life. Yes, I’ve done a lot of christianese things in my time but I haven’t ever really done anything to improve my faith life outside of going to church on Sunday. I hardly ever do a quiet time, and I hardly ever feel like I’m truly pursuing God in the every day life. My hope is that by reading the bible on a daily basis, I can start to really grasp what it means to be living under grace and how I can start sharing that grace with those around me.

2. I want to finish something

I’ve never been a good finisher. I have so many started and unfinished stories, it’s ridiculous. I haven’t felt a real sense of accomplishment in a very long time. Sure, I’ve finished projects for work but it’s been a long time since I’ve completed a project that I wanted to do just because I wanted to do it. I’d like to feel that again… Hopefully I will after Lent.

So that’s what’s going on here on my personal blog. If you’re reading this or a future update, feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

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