On School

Today is the first “full” day of school for me. I’ve been in classes since Monday but they’ve all been “welcome to class” and “here’s what the syllabus looks like” or “here’s how to get an A.” But today, I’m taking classes I’ve already taken which means, actual learning today! I’m quite excited.

Today I’ve got a lecture on biblical study methods at 11:00, then I’ve got a break until 1:30, then it’ll be general psychology. Followed quickly by a bible study methods lab. I can tell right now that bible study methods is going to be one of my harder classes. I also have a feeling that Philosophy is going to be a harder but a very interesting class.

I am worried I’m not taking the right classes or taking enough classes. I’m going to try and meet with the registrar and make sure I’m on the right path and everything is good to go. I think I am on the right path, I just don’t know where I am on the path to graduating. I know I officially am a transfer student but I am not certain how many of my credits have transferred over, if any… Guess I’ll find out today.

I am enjoying the schedule I have right now though. My earliest class is at 11:00 AM on Wednesday. All of the rest of my classes don’t start until 12:30 on Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri. I’m usually done around 3:30 on most days as well. On Friday’s I only have two classes and I’ll be done at 2:30. Quite nice. Again, not certain if I’m “doing it right” or if I need to make things harder or not…

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