Path from there to here

On some level, I do consider myself a worship leader already. God has put me in a place where I am consistently leading worship and being asked to plan and lead music outside of just Sunday’s at church. I believe this is a God called position and I am walking in the path He has laid out for me. I am not certain where that path leads beyond going to school to be better equipped for it.

Music is becoming a passion of mine again. I thought I had lost that passion. I used to have to have music playing all the time. I have learned to live without it and be in silence. I think that is what God has been trying to teach me over these last five years. I had been going to school at His Hill in Comfort, TX and I was shown that God did not want me doing music anymore. I ended up coming back to Spokane and going to school for computers. I got a job in the computer field and got an associates in computer networking.

I spent a lot of time working on computers and even got to the point where I was in charge of running LAN parties for, a local computer gaming group. It was at this time (end of 2008) that I was asked to step into a position of leading music at my church. Our worship pastor had been called to another church and we were in need of people to step up and lead the church in music. I was one of four men asked to be music leaders for the church.

Trying to lead worship and plan LAN parties for SpokLAN simply wasn’t working out anymore. It was too much stress and it made me realize that a choice had to be made: Computers or music? While I loved computers and enjoyed working on them, I did not believe they were my passion or something I wanted to be my career. Music, was once my passion and is becoming my passion again. I spent countless hours in the music building at my high school. It is something that makes me truly happy. I want to continue to pursue it. I also know that it is something God was calling me to.

In the end there wasn’t really a choice. God also seems to have made that choice quite clear for me as well. Removing me from my computer job frees me to be totally focused on Him and what He wants from me. God has almost completely removed anything computer related from my life. I now have nothing more to do than think on Him and where He wants me to be. This is a great and scary time for my wife and me but I believe it is a great time for God to do some amazing things and show off. I leave you with a song from David Crowder Band that I love. It will be my anthem through this jobless season. I am excited to see what God will do.

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