Prayers in School

I am SO thankful that I go to a school that prays before each class period starts. It’s so cool to be able to start each class with God. It’s a very unique experience and different experience from public school. We just finished praying in my philosophy class. A class on Philosophy and we’re praying! It’s awesome!

I wonder if this was what classes were like during the 1950s? Were they excited to be able to talk to the Creator of the Universe? I know being able to do that in class is a great feeling.

I really think the best part is that I get to take a class where I get to learn about a particular topic and learn about it from a Christian perspective. In particular my philosophy class has been great. It’s nice to be able to see these different philosophical thoughts and see how they line up with my Christian world view.

Another class where this comes up a lot is psychology. The teacher, Dave Jungward (youngward), is great at explaining the original theories and then asking questions about how it did or didn’t line up with the world view of the students in the class. It’s awesome to be able to think and process through the thoughts and views of the different theories out there that aren’t necessarily “Christian.” It’s really helping me to start thinking for myself and draw my own conclusions.

I’m really glad to be in school here. It’s rough being away from my beautiful wife but I am glad that I get to be here learning about my awesome Creator while getting college credit. It’s awesome! For now I’m gonna head to bed. Be blessed!

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