Something That Came To Me Today

I was working on worship for this Sunday and I had a bit of inspiration so I wrote what came to me. Not sure if I’ll ever do anything w/ it but it’s the first time I’ve written creatively like that in a long time. Enjoy!

I can’t think of words to describe the joy we’ll see
At the place we’ll be, with Jesus Thee
What a joy, what a thrill, with Jesus still
Carrying out The Creator’s Will
Not mine but thine be done

We will dance and sing
Around Jesus we will swing
Arms held high, and praises rise
To the Almighty King of everything

One with the Son in Glory
The bridegroom to the Man
The word, made flesh, alive again
Living breathing moving doing
Almighty King of Creation

Sin is gone, death is done
There is nothing but life in Christ
What a joy it will be, to see
My Jesus, face to face with Thee

Post about worship planning for this weekend is incoming.

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