Speaking of Writing – Part Deux

So… that last post about NaNoWriMo? Yea… Just ignore it. I kinda ran into a few dozen walls along the way that have kept me from being able to write and I’ve fallen WAY behind in the writing process. So I am going to concede for this year and try again next year.

But I have been inspired to get back into writing in my blog more often. I’d really like to become more consistent at writing down my thoughts. I’ve got a journal, but just like this blog I’m terrible at using it. So I’m going to endeavor to keep writing and get myself putting more of my thoughts down on paper or, in this case, on the Internet for the world to see.

I read through Bethany Dillon’s latest blog post and it kinda struck home with me. First off, I’m not a Mommy nor do I ever plan to be. I’m happy to fulfill my role as protector, provider, and Daddy to my future kids. But one thing she talked about in her blog was taking the time to savor God’s goodness to us. Sitting down and escaping to WoW or Facebook or Twitter can distract us from the goodness God has put in front of us. I know it can certainly distract me.

While some might say I don’t have a ton of goodness in my life, I would disagree completely. I have an AMAZING wife who loves me more than I deserve; I may be living in my parents basement but they love me enough to let me stay here for FREE while I’ve been out looking for another job; AND I just got an offer for a new job yesterday. God’s goodness is all around us, we’re just so used to it always being there that we take Him and His blessings for granted.

My prayer is that I start to see God’s goodness in the every day; that I look for those little things that display His Glory above all else; that I don’t just take my wife for granted but that I really appreciate who she is and how much she loves me; And most importantly: That I take the time to appreciate and say thanks to Him every day for His goodness to me and to those around me. Today is a good day and I’m glad to be a part of it.

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