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Women in the media and mens eyes

WHY?! Why must the media and the Internet always parade scantily clad women in front of men? It is so difficult as a man to keep my mind and heart pure when I have images of bikini wearing women flashing in front of me. I aim to lead a life that is a blessing to God and those around me and these pictures don’t help in any way shape or form.

I can’t imagine what it’s like being a woman and being told you have to look like that. That’s such an unrealistic look for women. I believe all women should learn to be comfortable in who they are not what they look like. Something I wish everyone could learn is that women are beautiful creations of God and they don’t need the world telling them where or how to get their worth.

I wish men would stop promoting it. If men didn’t buy the product the hot girl was promoting, it would move our society out of the dark ages of sex. While I do think sex is a wonderful thing, I only want to experience it with my wife and no one else. I don’t need some lady in a bikini (or less) making my thoughts wander. It’s frustrating and I wish it would stop.

I am not certain how to affect a change but I really want one to come about. I’ll step off my soap box now.