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This post is not about my new job

So I had spent the last ten months working for the Geek Squad at Best Buy. For those that don’t know what the Geek Squad is, it’s the computer repair services that Best Buy offers. The entire time I was working at Best Buy I was looking for a “real” job and hoping to get out before Black Friday. Why before Black Friday you might ask? Well besides the obvious reason of it being the busiest shopping day of the year, I did have another reason.
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So as of 2:00pm PST this afternoon, my long streak of being unemployed came to an end! I was officially offered a job at Best Buy as a member of the geek squad. I still have to pass the drug test and the background check but I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

It’s nice to know that I have work now and that I have something that will start bringing money in again. Having to rely on Theresa’s single income has been rough but knowing that I’ll finally be able to contribute again is a good feeling. I am not certain the exact amount of hours I’ll be working but I’m assuming it’ll be sometime between 25 and 30 hours.

I also think this is a good job for me to have because it plays to the skills I have while I’m gaining new skills in music. I’m really glad to finally have a job again. Hopefully I won’t get overwhelmed with work and school. Pray for me for that please!

On Ignored Websites

Not certain why I haven’t been writing here lately but I haven’t been. I think a lot of it has to do with me going stir crazy the last few weeks. I’ve been couped up in our apartment with nothing really to do. I was just excited to go out driving at one point. Being jobless is kinda nice but it’s also pretty boring. It’d help if I was willing to work on projects around the house and I have had the willingness but I have lacked the motivation to act on the willingness. Hopefully that’ll change this week.

I’m heading out to the lake with my mom and grandpa in a few minutes to close that up. Then it’s back home to clean up and get ready for Heroes night. Much excitement will abound!

What to do now?

So I have officially been out of work for a week. Now what?

I’m not sure. I have a couple of options laid out in front of me. One, I could try applying for jobs all over trying to get work. Two, I could try starting up my own consulting firm. Now there are a few drawbacks w/ both options.


As some of you know, I plan on returning to school in the winter and I am not certain how long I can guarantee an employer that I will be able to work for them. That immediately makes me not a very good candidate. We could be leaving as early as November or as late as January. No guarantees at this point. Plus, I’ll need time off to go down to Portland and find places where we’re going to live and establish new jobs down there.

Lack of jobs in the area

I was the last of my friends to become jobless. All of them are all still out of work and unable to find new jobs. Who am I to think that I’m going to be any different? Most of my friends are a lot smarter and better at what I do anyways; If they don’t have a chance, what chance do I have?

Where does that leave me?

Not 100% certain but more than likely I will be trying to start up my consulting business. I am not certain I can make enough money at it to be able to pay all of our bills. It requires some time to build a client base and as I stated above, I don’t have a ton of time to do that. We’ll see what God does next.

Path from there to here

On some level, I do consider myself a worship leader already. God has put me in a place where I am consistently leading worship and being asked to plan and lead music outside of just Sunday’s at church. I believe this is a God called position and I am walking in the path He has laid out for me. I am not certain where that path leads beyond going to school to be better equipped for it.

Music is becoming a passion of mine again. I thought I had lost that passion. I used to have to have music playing all the time. I have learned to live without it and be in silence. I think that is what God has been trying to teach me over these last five years. I had been going to school at His Hill in Comfort, TX and I was shown that God did not want me doing music anymore. I ended up coming back to Spokane and going to school for computers. I got a job in the computer field and got an associates in computer networking.

I spent a lot of time working on computers and even got to the point where I was in charge of running LAN parties for SpokLAN.net, a local computer gaming group. It was at this time (end of 2008) that I was asked to step into a position of leading music at my church. Our worship pastor had been called to another church and we were in need of people to step up and lead the church in music. I was one of four men asked to be music leaders for the church.

Trying to lead worship and plan LAN parties for SpokLAN simply wasn’t working out anymore. It was too much stress and it made me realize that a choice had to be made: Computers or music? While I loved computers and enjoyed working on them, I did not believe they were my passion or something I wanted to be my career. Music, was once my passion and is becoming my passion again. I spent countless hours in the music building at my high school. It is something that makes me truly happy. I want to continue to pursue it. I also know that it is something God was calling me to.

In the end there wasn’t really a choice. God also seems to have made that choice quite clear for me as well. Removing me from my computer job frees me to be totally focused on Him and what He wants from me. God has almost completely removed anything computer related from my life. I now have nothing more to do than think on Him and where He wants me to be. This is a great and scary time for my wife and me but I believe it is a great time for God to do some amazing things and show off. I leave you with a song from David Crowder Band that I love. It will be my anthem through this jobless season. I am excited to see what God will do.

God has a plan

I’ve been dreading writing this post all day but I know I need to. If for no other reason than because I need to write it for me. I need to put my thoughts into words.

I’ve had a very surprising day and not in a good way. It was about 9am today when my boss walked into my office and said that I was being let go. It was a weird experience. I knew I’d been in a disposable position for awhile. Being a computer support specialist, I am not an essential part of the business. So I knew I was in a disposable position but I had no warning. All of a sudden, he just walked in and said I was let go. Apparently they’re unable to afford to keep me on. He did say they hoped to rehire me in a month or two but more than likely it wouldn’t happen because of lack of funds.

Knowing that I more than likely wouldn’t be rehired, I went ahead and applied for unemployment. I left the office at 9:30am and by 11:00am I had finished filling out my paperwork for unemployment. This weekend I’ll be spending the time processing and figuring out stuff. Monday I plan on updating my resume and starting the hunt for work.

While I am surprised by this, God isn’t. I know He has a plan and it’s a good one. I will be in fervent prayer looking for His goodness in the coming weeks as we move forward. This is definitely an uncomfortable time, it is a growing time and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us from here.