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Can’t sleep

For some reason tonight, my mind will not be quiet. I keep thinking about all the things that need to get done. Theresa and I decided to move into a different apartment on campus. While the cost is about the same, the school is paying for both Internet and heating. Removing those two things will cut about $75-$100/month from our budget.

The savings are AWESOME. No complaints there, but being on campus Internet means I lose access to one of the most consistent things in my life for almost five years: World of Warcraft. Yes… I know. It’s a game. Not that big of a deal. And you’re right, in a lot of ways it is just a game; but at the same time there is more to it than that. Whenever I’ve played WoW, I’ve always been able to interact w/ people. Having fun conversations and getting to know them and their lives. I’ve built relationships and have made friends through WoW. How deep those friendships go depends on the friend but there have definitely been several connections made through WoW over the years and it’s going to be hard to lose those. It’s a tough but necessary sacrifice. Besides, there are plenty of other games still out there for me to play like KotOR, KotOR II, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy VIII just to name a few. I’m sure there’ll be more coming out that I’m gonna wanna play but those should hold me over for the rest of summer I think.

I think this decision has also been prompted by the book I’ve started reading. I picked up Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover” awhile ago but never got around to seriously reading it. It took too much time and I was too busy w/ school/work to worry about it. But now that summer’s here and I have a lot of free time on my hands, I decided I needed to get serious about reading it.

I start reading through it this morning and I’ve read through the first three chapters. So far the book is very slow. It’s right now explaining about how I need to make an attitude change and change my belief’s regarding debt. I think Dave’s absolutely right when he says the biggest hurdle to financial freedom is me. I really need to put my big boy pants on and put in the time and effort it takes to start building wealth. Theresa and I can thrive on our incomes, if we manage them well. Most of his points about debt make sense to me. I’ve been trying to avoid going into debt as long as I can but things like school, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to pay for without taking out student loans… C’est la vie.

Hopefully we can get our collective butts in gear and start getting ourselves more financially stable. It’d be really nice to start being able to start putting money away for the future; for things like a house, a new car, baby products, a vacation, etc. This is going to be hard but the motto from the book is really awesome:


So here’s to hoping things go well w/ this. I pray that Theresa and I can get our butts in gear and stay in gear and move forward w/ our lives.


So as of 2:00pm PST this afternoon, my long streak of being unemployed came to an end! I was officially offered a job at Best Buy as a member of the geek squad. I still have to pass the drug test and the background check but I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

It’s nice to know that I have work now and that I have something that will start bringing money in again. Having to rely on Theresa’s single income has been rough but knowing that I’ll finally be able to contribute again is a good feeling. I am not certain the exact amount of hours I’ll be working but I’m assuming it’ll be sometime between 25 and 30 hours.

I also think this is a good job for me to have because it plays to the skills I have while I’m gaining new skills in music. I’m really glad to finally have a job again. Hopefully I won’t get overwhelmed with work and school. Pray for me for that please!

On School

Today is the first “full” day of school for me. I’ve been in classes since Monday but they’ve all been “welcome to class” and “here’s what the syllabus looks like” or “here’s how to get an A.” But today, I’m taking classes I’ve already taken which means, actual learning today! I’m quite excited.

Today I’ve got a lecture on biblical study methods at 11:00, then I’ve got a break until 1:30, then it’ll be general psychology. Followed quickly by a bible study methods lab. I can tell right now that bible study methods is going to be one of my harder classes. I also have a feeling that Philosophy is going to be a harder but a very interesting class.

I am worried I’m not taking the right classes or taking enough classes. I’m going to try and meet with the registrar and make sure I’m on the right path and everything is good to go. I think I am on the right path, I just don’t know where I am on the path to graduating. I know I officially am a transfer student but I am not certain how many of my credits have transferred over, if any… Guess I’ll find out today.

I am enjoying the schedule I have right now though. My earliest class is at 11:00 AM on Wednesday. All of the rest of my classes don’t start until 12:30 on Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri. I’m usually done around 3:30 on most days as well. On Friday’s I only have two classes and I’ll be done at 2:30. Quite nice. Again, not certain if I’m “doing it right” or if I need to make things harder or not…

It’s been awhile

Not certain why I keep ignoring writing on my blog but I do. Here’s an update on life and what’s been happening w/ me:

We had a very merry Christmas this year. Funding was tight for all parties involved so the tree had smaller amounts but better gifts for all of us that were there. It was a great Christmas with a lot of family.

It was hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year because we were packing our apartment up as we were preparing to move me down to Portland to start school at Multnomah University. It was looking a little dicey for getting all of our stuff together but with the help of my friends and my parents especially we were able to get all of our stuff packed up and loaded into our moving truck.

On Monday Dec. 28th, we left Spokane and started the long trek from Spokane to Portland. My parents joined us on the road trip down and again were a HUGE help getting us down here and set-up. We now have a nice three bedroom apartment that is a big upgrade over what we had before. It’s two stories with the living room, kitchen and dining room on the first floor and all of the bedrooms upstairs. It’s a much better layout than our last apartment. It also has a lot more windows meaning we get a lot more natural light in our apartment. This is a very good thing. Once I get it more setup, I will post some pictures for people to see.

Today started orientation for school. This helped us figure out which classes we wanted and what schedules we wanted as well as what we needed to get done for our major’s. I had intended to have all day full of classes but all of the classes I originally wanted we full so I had to adjust my schedule around and now all of my classes happen in the afternoon. Kind of a cool/scary thought that I’m in charge of scheduling my own classes and taking them when I want. I’ve never had that before.

One cool part that they had with orientation was they had a Faculty Friend outing. Basically all of us transfer students met up with a professor, Dave, and hung out and got to know him, and each other a lot better. I made some cool friends with a very young married couple that are going to Multnomah on faith just like I am. God is an amazing God that is providing a lot for a lot of the people I met tonight. It’s awesome to be able to brag about how big and amazing my God is. It’s nice to know that He’s big enough to share too :p

It’s late so I will cut this blog off now before I continue to ramble for another six or seven paragraphs. I need to rest. Early morning tomorrow too.

Be blessed!

God has a plan

I’ve been dreading writing this post all day but I know I need to. If for no other reason than because I need to write it for me. I need to put my thoughts into words.

I’ve had a very surprising day and not in a good way. It was about 9am today when my boss walked into my office and said that I was being let go. It was a weird experience. I knew I’d been in a disposable position for awhile. Being a computer support specialist, I am not an essential part of the business. So I knew I was in a disposable position but I had no warning. All of a sudden, he just walked in and said I was let go. Apparently they’re unable to afford to keep me on. He did say they hoped to rehire me in a month or two but more than likely it wouldn’t happen because of lack of funds.

Knowing that I more than likely wouldn’t be rehired, I went ahead and applied for unemployment. I left the office at 9:30am and by 11:00am I had finished filling out my paperwork for unemployment. This weekend I’ll be spending the time processing and figuring out stuff. Monday I plan on updating my resume and starting the hunt for work.

While I am surprised by this, God isn’t. I know He has a plan and it’s a good one. I will be in fervent prayer looking for His goodness in the coming weeks as we move forward. This is definitely an uncomfortable time, it is a growing time and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us from here.

Taking a weekend for myself

It’s been a long few weeks. Lots of different things going on that have kept me very busy. Lots of running around and planning things and really a lack of ability to stop. Today, I decided to take a day for myself. I would have preferred a whole weekend but unfortunately, it’s not going to happen (leading worship at church tomorrow).

I got up later than normal (9am); A great change from the 6:15am I usually see on my cell phone during the week. I lounged around the house for a few hours and then I went and saw Julie & Julia w/ my wife. She is a foodie and has been looking forward to that movie for a long time. She really liked it. Meryl Streep did an excellent job as Julia Child. I was quite impressed.

What does the rest of the weekend hold? Tonight I will be hanging out w/ my friends Matt & Nick. It sounds like we may go see a movie or go out and do something. Not certain what yet. We may even stay home and play WoW cards all day. :p

Matt was the best man at the wedding I went to yesterday for my friend Chris. It was a good ceremony. Lots of people there that I had no idea who they were. One thing they did at the ceremony that I wish I’d done at my wedding was they gave vows to each others parents. Chris vowed to Nicole’s parents to be a great husband and to always take care of her. Nicole vowed to Chris’ parents to be the best wife that she could be and to always love their son. It was really cool to see something like that added to the ceremony. Hardly ever do we see someone honor the parents in the relationship and it was a nice thing that made me smile.

Hopefully the rest of today will be as relaxing as the first half of it has been.

It’s Friday!!

Thank God for the weekend! This will be my first time to just relax in quite a few weeks. I’m really looking forward to it. The wife and I have plans to take Saturday completely off and do nothing except maybe see Julie & Julia. The wife has been wanting to see that movie since it was first announced. I’ll probly go see it w/ her and try and earn some brownie points.

Had rehearsal with the worship team last night. It’s gonna be good. I’m excited for it. Unfortunately, only half the team showed up to rehearsal. Granted, it didn’t help that I didn’t call them and remind them, so I can’t hold them completely at fault. I need to make sure and call them tonight and remind them that they’re singing/playing this weekend.

My first wedding for the month is happening tonight. My friend Chris is getting married tonight at 6pm. Chris and I went to Jr. High and HS together. I’m really excited for him. His wedding is tonight, and then in three weeks another wedding will be happening in Las Vegas for my friend Matt. I’m in the wedding party for that one. That will be the first time I’ve ever been to Vegas. I’m kinda excited/nervous about it. It should be pretty awesome though. After that is my best friend Arick’s wedding. I’m the best man for that.

Overall a summer of craziness that I can’t wait to be over. I’m excited to see my friends getting married and beginning a new chapter in life.