The art in me

I consider myself an artist. Not great by any means but there is a drive in me to be creative and express myself in artistic ways. I am afraid to be an artist though. Being an artist means being vulnerable and sharing my heart with people around me. That’s scary because that means I could get wounded… Badly. I try and avoid that as much as possible but it comes back to haunt me. By giving in to fear, I lose out on life. I restrict myself to a safe, boring, uncreative life.

I don’t want to be that. I can’t be that. I’m trying to be the man God wants me to be and praise Him the way He made me to praise Him. That praise can take on several different forms. Music, drawing, writing, singing, etc. The point is the desire is constant haunting me. I don’t want to be stuck in the boring, mundane life. I dream of bigger and better things for my entire family.

It starts by taking a step. That starts you. You then have no choice but to finish what you start. Or you can accept failure. Because, starting is a challenge, but being brave enough to finish is the real challenge. Baby step after baby step, you can accomplish your goal.

So, take the first step and then the second and the third. Don’t let fear keep you from doing what you were designed to do.

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