This post is not about my new job

So I had spent the last ten months working for the Geek Squad at Best Buy. For those that don’t know what the Geek Squad is, it’s the computer repair services that Best Buy offers. The entire time I was working at Best Buy I was looking for a “real” job and hoping to get out before Black Friday. Why before Black Friday you might ask? Well besides the obvious reason of it being the busiest shopping day of the year, I did have another reason.

In all my years of actually being employed (granted it’s only been 7 since I had my first job) I have never worked a Black Friday. At my first job I actually got fired the week of Black Friday. Ever since then I’ve either been in school without a job or had a job that didn’t require me to work on Black Friday.

That all changed this year. I can now proudly say (while slightly cringing) that I am a Black Friday veteran! I survived the early retail morning to live another day. The day started at around 3:30am with me getting up and getting on my Geek Squad uniform, then driving the 20 minutes out to the valley to open the store.

After a quick all store meeting, the doors opened and people FLOODED in. It was nuts! Last time I saw that many people at a store was when the Wii was coming out… And I was in line for that one! Instead of doing my normal tech support as a GS agent, I rang up computers all day long. I stood at a register and scanned UPC’s and got people GREAT deals. Granted I only used my scanner when it actually worked. I spent most of the day hand keying UPC’s because my scanner didn’t work. 🙁

After a few hours, the line died down and it became a pretty normal day, but without nearly as much in the way of tech support issues. Just lots of ringing up computers and other things. In the end I’m glad I worked it to say I’ve done it but I hope I never have to do it again… EVER. That was scary.

My last day at Best Buy was the Saturday after Black Friday. I have a new job working at a company called Chief Architect. It’s ironic to me that I leave retail, the day after the busiest shopping day of the year. I am glad I’m not working retail anymore. It’s a vital service but I’m REALLY glad I’m back in a “career” job and not a job that I’m working because I have to. I’ll write about my new job soon.

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  1. yeah, I always got out of having to work the day of Black Friday by volunteering to work the night before getting the store ready for Black Friday…work just as hard but without the people. I was working at Walmart up in Colville for the first BF and then at the Spokane Valley store for my 2nd BF……this was before the area knew anything about 24hr walmarts. SO the store would close at like 10-11pm, then everyone worked like mad setting up the “blitz” merchandise…merchandise advertised in the flier.

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