Unsung Heroes

I am a Gleek. I admit it. I LOVE watching that show. The music from it are the most listened to songs on my ipod. I think it’s an awesome show. If nothing else it reminds me of the joy and the feeling of belonging I felt when I was in a musical group back in high school. You felt special when you were in a group like that. As terrible and blasphemous as this sounds, you felt like you had some form of purpose being in one of those groups (Lord, please don’t strike me down!).

One of the groups I was in in high school was called Camerata. It was a male/female vocal jazz group. We did several tunes that were just acappella, meaning no instruments were used other than the sounds of our voices. Still other times we did songs that involved us singing with a rhythm section (piano, bass, guitar, and drums). Adding a rhythm section adds a whole new dynamic to music because all of a sudden, you’re not just singing with the other vocalists in the group, the rhythm section has to be in sync too. Having been in a group where the rhythm section wasn’t in sync, it’s amazing how much they can make or break a group.

Thinking about that in context of Glee, we never hear much about the band that backs the singers. But they’re always there. They’re always faithful and they’re always AMAZING. They know exactly what song, and what key they’re going to play it in, sometimes without the singers even mentioning it! And yet, they’re hardly ever acknowledged for their hard work or for making the singers sound as good as they do. They never complain, never ask for glory; they’re just there doing what they love to do.

Do you know anybody in your life that’s like that? Friends that are always dependable and faithful? Willing to do whatever you need in order to get things done? I think, unfortunately, that this is a character trait that not nearly as many people have now as they used to. I always get the impression that people lived for the betterment of others a lot more back in the baby boomer generation. Our generation is so self-focused that all we really see is ourselves and nobody else.

With Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook, people have a place where all they get to do is talk about themselves. Yes they see their friends activity and they can “like” or comment on certain things, but for the most part social media sites are all about ourselves and nobody else. These are the ultimate shrines to self.

Working for the betterment of other people is very counter-intuitive to today’s me-me-me-me culture but my challenge today for not just myself but the readers as well, is to look for ways to improve peoples lives. During the Christmas season I’m sure you get that a lot but I challenge you to look every day at new ways that you can be peoples unsung heroes.

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