Worship for August 9, 2009

This morning was an interesting worship service. It was a bit of a learning experience. I learned that “Good To Me” is a great song from my childhood but it really doesn’t have a place in a church worship service. I was convicted by God during communion, that that song needed to not be sung. It did not fit in anyway with the service. The reason I say that is because it’s a song about me and not about God. I don’t want services to be services that worship me or us as people. I want any worship service I’m a part of planning, to be a service that worships God and His amazing grace. “Good to me” doesn’t do that.

I almost changed the song during the service. But I decided not to do it and God confirmed that that was not a song to be played anymore. After the first service, Theresa, my wife, suggested “It is well.” Having heard Pastor’s sermon for the day, it fit with his theme on prayer and how the response to bad situations is to be in prayer.

That was the right song. While it was talking about us, it magnified God and what He has done for us as mankind. It also spoke about when trials come, we are OK because we have faith in God. I love when songs sing about the attributes of God. Trying to find songs that sing about those and not about us is a challenge. I hope some day that God will bless me with the ability to write those kinds of words.

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